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Leila Kane



Each of these original paintings has been sold, and each is now available in a variety of sizes,

as an artist-enhanced Giclee reproduction.

Please contact Leila at

[email protected]

for information about your specific request.

Mission Ranch Meadows

Mission Ranch Views

Sentries of the Carmel Mission

Afternoon At Carmel Beach

Bursting Spring-Red Vase

Crimson Trail

Pink Dogwood on Stone Wall

Patch of Blue

Big Sur Aglow

Asilomar Sunset

Crystal Glow Bouquet

Flower Cart and Arched Adobe

Watering Hole-End of Day

Earthbound Flowers

Carmel Valley

Lavender Light

Dappled Morning Light

Carmel Mission

Monterey Mama and Baby,

Riding the Kelp Forest

Morning Reflections at Carmel River State Beach

Green Barn In Mustard Fields

Odello Ranch, Carmel

Any of my paintings are also available as artist-enhanced Giclee prints.

What is a Giclee print?

Giclees are highly detailed, archival quality print reproductions of original oil or acrylic paintings. The Giclee process combines superior color reproduction with incredibly accurate details to form a new print of the original painting. An image is first taken with a digital camera and then imported into a computer. The computer assists in balancing the color to closely match or resemble the original piece of art work. It is then printed onto archival quality canvas using a sophisticated piece of equipment, not unlike a high resolution printer.

I take the additional step to selectively enhance each print with the original colors used in the painting, thus producing a realistic texture for each painting.

Because of the extremely high quality of the Giclee process itself as well as the archival quality of the individual components used in the reproduction,

Giclee prints are highly collectible.

They can be found in museums as well as art and photographic galleries throughout the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art

and the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

Advantages of Giclee?

A collector can order almost any size Giclee from an original painting, whether larger or smaller, thus fitting his or her specific decorating needs.

And, Giclee prints are much more affordable than the originals, typically costing approximately 1/2 of the price of an original painting of a comparable size.

If a Giclee print of one of your favorite paintings from my collection is something you would like to consider, please write to me with your request and I will provide an exact quote for you.

I am excited about offering this process to my customers.

I know you will be pleased with the results!

Leila Kane